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The smart card and tag readers of Koole Controls can work stand-alone, but can also easily be connected to the KC80 access controller or to your existing access management systems.


Koole Controls has a large range of RFID readers that can be used for payments and access control. The users can pay for services and products through the RFID card, tag or wrist band. As access controller, it can control the access to various spaces.

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The Pin pad is meant for access control based on pin codes. Through RS-485 communication, information is being exchanged with a pc. Combined with a KC80 access controller, an access gate can then be handled. Additionally, the KC71 Pin pad can be equipped with a proximity or mifare reader.

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The KC61 magnet card reader is specially designed to work in combination with the KC80 access controller. It is a motorised magnet card reader which is equipped with a casing of synthetic material.

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Proximity readers

The Proximity readers are suitable for inside and outside montage. The readers are very user- friendly, as the card or key chain only needs to put in front of the reader. Because of this the reader is barely being worn out, which limits maintenance to a minimum.