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Onbemande pinoplossingen | Koole ControlsUnmanned applications include:

  • Ticket sale machines
  • Transaction machines in shops
  • Physical web shops
  • All other unmanned pin machines

The unmanned pin solutions can be put everywhere: in shops, physical web shops or public places.


The solution for unmanned applications can be implemented in two different ways:

1.     Local application handles the command

You might have a sales machine for products in your shop or retail store, where the software application runs on a local pc. The customer makes choices through for example the touchscreen of the machine and then wants to pay. Your software application now communicates with the KC80PIN controller to carry out the pin transaction. After the payment, the receipt for the customer is automatically printed.

2.     Cloud- / Web- /server based application handles the command

Your sales machine can also exist of a touchscreen on which you run a browser. This way, the customer can for example directly enter your web shop, or select the desired products from your ERP solution which is run from an external server. When it is time for the payment, you can send the command to the KC80PIN controller from retailpinnen.nl, directly from the Cloud. This further handles the payment and the printing of the receipt for the customer.

A locally running pc with corresponding software is therefore no longer needed to realise an outlet like this. This saves costs of management and maintenance.

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