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For Whom?

Many companies, organisations and associations have issues with lock management. Who has a key? Who can enter when and where? What if someone loses a key? And how to deal with the locking of various rooms or places? Smart locks is applicable in the following sectors:

  • Catering industry, Tourism and Wellness
  • Care institutions
  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Companies


How does it work?

Various doors will easily be provided with smart locks. Users all get one electronic key. With the corresponding user-friendly software, the proper access rights will be connected to the right people. Naturally, time frames can be connected to doors or people as well, in order to limit access.


Our smart locks

Do you recognise these issues and do you think de solution of slimmesloten.nl can mean something for your organisation as well? Do not hesitate to look at our broad range of smart locks.
You can of course always make an appointment without engagement. We would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss the possibilities with you.

The advantages

    • User-friendly lock management;
    • Individual authorisation;
    • Only one digital key per person for all doors;
    • Possibility of flexible setting, depending on usage:

• Doors remain open during specifically set times;
• Doors automatically close at specifically set times;
• Automatically closing doors;

  • Possibility of special ‘key’ for (one-time or regular);
  • Simple installation.


Do you think the solution of slimmesloten.nl can mean something for your organisation as well, do you have any further questions or would you like to make an appointment without engagement? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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